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Donut King and Coffee's fresh hand-made donuts and sandwiches differentiate it from its competitors and delights its customers. Combined with its premium and specialty coffees, Donut King has created a unique market space all its own.


DK Vanilla DipD.K Vanilla Dip
Rainbow Donut and Mocha CoffeeRainbow Donut and Mocha Coffee
Assorted DonutsAssorted Donuts

Pastry and Dessert

DK - EclairD.K - Eclair
DK - BowtieD.K - Bowtie
Rainbow Donut and Mocha CoffeeRainbow Donut and Mocha Coffee
Wedge CreamWedge Cream
D.K Nanaimo BarD.K Nanaimo Bar
Date SquareDate Square
Pecan TartPecan Tart


Donut King Private Blend Coffee is a special blend of the finest 100% Arabic Beans from Central and South America. The Donut King premium Private Blend is medium roasted to highlight its fine balance of body and acidity, making it an excellent tasting coffee particularly when paired with a morning breakfast treat.

Iced CoffeeIced Coffee
Rainbow Donut and Mocha CoffeeRainbow Donut and Mocha Coffee
Vietnamese CoffeeVietnamese Coffee

Value Meals and Soups

Vietnamese Beef Noodle SoupVietnamese Beef Noodle Soup
Seafood & Rice NoodleSeafood & Rice Noodle
Vermicelli & Rice NoodleVermicelli & Rice Noodle
Vietnamese Spring RollsVietnamese Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Salad RollsVietnamese Salad Rolls
Lemon Grass Chicken on RiceLemon Grass Chicken on Rice
Lemon Grass Pork on RiceLemon Grass Pork on Rice
H & C Sandwich with Creamy SoupHam & Cheese Sandwich with Creamy Soup
Various Delicious SoupsVarious Delicious Soups


Egg Cheese and Ham CroissantsEgg Cheese and Ham Croissants
Sausage RollsSausage Rolls
Bacon Egg and Cheese BagelBacon Egg and Cheese Bagel

Muffins, Bagels and Baked Goods

Bran and Fresh Cranberry MuffinsBran and Fresh Cranberry Muffins
Cinnamon Bun and Raisin T-BiscuitCinnamon Bun and Raisin T-Biscuit
Bagel with cream cheeseBagel with Cream Cheese
DK-Butter HornD.K Butter Horn